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On-Site Training  This is an opportunity to have a program developed and applied on site for individuals or for dual clients. Fee: $200 per session.   Diet & Nutrition Support Initial consultation for dietary evaluation consisting of reviewing your current program and the development of a new plan, helpful hints, support, and explanations of content. Supplementation review and suggestions. Fee: $1,200 for 12 weeks We offer personalized online training/ nutritional packages: Rates are $900 for a detailed 3 month training/ nutritional program Training programs only: Rates are $350 for a full body training program Nutritional programs only: Rates are $600 for a personalized detailed meal plan with two diet changes to follow Skyping Rates are $150 for a 30 min session Email Charles About These Services. charlesrglass@aol.com Please note: When emailing please state which program you are interested in, stats are only needed when programs are purchased.
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