© Charles Glass Training, 2011.  All Rights Reserved. Created by Tigers Are Forever Productions Proven Results, Consistency and Personal Attention Charles Glass has an incredible proven history of top flight professional fitness training. He has trained everyone from the Average Joe to Professional Athletes, to the worlds Top Competitive Bodybuilders. Some of Charles' clients are Magic Johnson, Wesley Snipes, Howie Long (pro football player) and Antoine Fuqua (movie director). As always, Charles’ focus is on his clients specific goals, needs and desires. With Charles guiding you, you will get the results you want. Most everyone has some sort of muscular imbalance in their body due to pervious injury, or just the fast paced world in which we live. Charles is an expert at identifying patterns that may limit your results and progress. With a fitness master like Charles at your side, your progress is within reach. Professional like Silvio Samuel and Jenny Lynn are evidence of Charles' knowledge and understanding of fitness. Email Charles About Private Training. charlesrglass@aol.com